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Why the records you don't destroy could destroy your business - and what to do about it!!








Did you know that courts have ruled that once you surrender even the most proprietary, sensitive and private information to the dumpster, anyone can recover it without recourse?  That the law protects the pilferer and not you?  And that you could be liable for negligent disclosure if a pilferer were to sell, use or make public what you've inadvertently given him?

What can you do about it?

Our mobile data disposal service can provide on-site destruction which assures you of information security - and peace of mind - and is both efficient and cost effective.  

Throwing out outdated confidential documents as trash is not prudent.  And office shredders are surprisingly inefficient and costly in terms of the amount of employee time they require and the hidden costs involved.  Our mobile service is 30 to 50 times faster than using an office shredder and frees up your employees for more productive work. 

You'll appreciate the information security Confidential Data Disposal provides plus our many other benefits.  Foremost among these is efficiency, with a resulting cost effectiveness.  But you'll also like:

  • Our dependability and promptness.

  • The courteousness of our trained and bonded staff. 

  • Our guarantee of satisfaction.

  • Competitive in the document shredding and recycling industry.

All it takes to get a free, expert analysis of your data disposal needs is your call or email to Confidential Data Disposal.  We'll analyze your needs, answer any questions and give you the cost information you want and need.

We specialize in:

  • Paper Shredding
  • Confidential Paper Shredding
  • Secured Shredding
  • On Site Shredding
  • Business Paper Shredding
  • Office Paper Shredding
  • Mobile Shredding
  • And Other Shredding Services